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Full Version: How To Earn Free RUNCOIN
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You can get free RUMCoins simply by posting quality content in our forum!

Source                    Amount Paid

New Post                     0.05 RUM
New Thread                 0.05 RUM
New Poll                      0.05 RUM
Per Character               0.0001 RUM
Minimum Characters     50 Chars
New Registration          5 RUM
Per Poll Vote                0.0005 RUM 
Per Reply                     0.05 RUM
Per PM Sent                 0.0001 RUM
Per Rate                      0.0005 RUM
Per Page View              0 RUM
Per Visit                       0.001 RUM
Per Referral                  0.5 RUM

We reserve the right to edit this chart as we go.  We will see how it goes with this price chart.  If there is too much abuse we will removed the reward system completely.