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What is unaccepted to put in the blue bin?
What is unaccepted to put in the blue bin?
Here is the main things that are not accepted in the blue bin.

Please do not place any of these items in your blue bins:

Aluminum foil, foil pie plates or foil food containers
Car seats
Coffee pods (single-serve)
Construction and renovation materials (e.g., wood, hardware, stone, plumbing)
Disposable coffee cups
Dishes, ceramics or crystal
Food, drink and other pouch packaging
Foam packaging of any kind (Styrofoam)
Food waste
Paper towels, tissues or napkins
Plastic cutlery
Plastic furniture
Steel pots and pans or other scrap metals
VHS tapes, CD’s or cassette tapes
Wax or foil coated paper
Window glass, mirrors or broken glass
Wrapping paper with foil
Yard Waste

You guys can add some more to this list !

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