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Guntrol Domain Name Offered At Auction By Cascio Design As Nation's Gun Debate Fires
MILWAUKEEMarch 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With gun violence increasingly shattering more and more lives and communities across the country, from concerts to churches to schools—including the recent horrific assault on students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.—a remarkable opposition to lax gun control has risen, thanks in large part to the anger and frustration of student youth groups.

"Gun control is perhaps the hottest debate sweeping the country right now," says Stephen Cascio of Wisconsin-based Cascio Design. "Our new available domain name Guntrol is a branded, simple, powerful and precise name that's positioned to become a new social buzz word. Unique names like Guntrol don't come around often."

Cascio added that simple, understandable names like Guntrol can quickly build bonds and relationships with audiences due to the emotional connections they spark. "Guntrol is a name that's not trendy and can stand the test of time—it can easily become part of everyone's vocabulary," he said.

The domain Guntrol is offered at, an online domain and marketplace auction site, and includes protected domain suffixes such as .org, .com, .net, and several others. The bidding is open until April 14, 2018. The starting bid is set at $500, with a reserve at $35,000. Cascio noted that a sister name, TakeGuntrol, is also offered at auction on Flippa. (Registrar for both Guntrol and TakeGuntrol is

Cascio suggests the eventual owner of the domain name might create a site that represents a new guntrol movement, or a site that acts as a sort of clearinghouse for all things gun control—home to the best writing on the topic, recaps of pending legislation, lists of government officials with contact info and their stated position on gun control and NRA ratings and contributions, sharing/partnerships with other sites such as MoveOn and, and much more.
Visit to place a bid or view the auction. "The timing and purpose of this domain's name could not be better," says Cascio.

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