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Lilgrid - Leave Negative FEEDBACK without paying
We strongly suggest that you stay away from this buyer.  He bid, then 7 days later he leaves a negatove feedback without even having paid.  We have a dispute open against this user for not having paid and he still leaves a negative feedback saying that he did not received what he paid for !   

Dumb asses like this should not be on flippa !  He cannot afford what he bough and then attacks the seller.   PURE SCAMMER.     

Users like this, that clearly dont have a brain, are ruining flippa marketplace!  He will be dealt with accordingly but still this affect sellers as the feedback removal process can take up to one week.

Username on flippa:

Name on file:
Tavian A.

0.0% positive feedback

2 transactions totalling $158

Location: United States of America

Flippa History
  • No comments placed
  • 5 bids placed
  • No properties listed.

If I can get more details ABOUT HIS PRIVATE INFO I WILL THEN PUBLISH IT HERE.   Users like this should be expose and I will not respect their personal identity !

Flippa staff is so slow to reply to tickets, this is not helping to keep the marketplace clean...  They should get involved a little more then just collecting the high fees they have!.

I'll keep you guys update on this case.
Flippa finally suspended the buyer. but still have failed to fix my profile. I am a premium seller with 100% positive feedback and now I am done to 99.4% due this this nutcase!

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