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Theamazingclown - None payer
We suggest that you avoid doing business with this user on


Name listed on flippa:
Riley S

User profile link:

Reason to avoid:

-Bids then will not respond
-Bids and no payment
-Does not reply to the dispute

Flippa, once again failed to follow their own terms with this buyer that is backing of from the sale ( against flippa policies..) So this user is still on flippa screwing withj more sellers and getting supported by flippa.... 

Email received from flippa:
The dispute you were involved in for listing #9753582 (BitMafia.Info) has been resolved.
Dispute resolved in favor of the seller due to buyer backing out of sale. Bids are binding. The seller may make or receive offers via post-auction negotiation (PAN) if he or she wishes to do so, and free relisting is available. Success fees have been waived.
If you have any questions regarding the resolution of this dispute please respond to this email.
Kind Regards,
The Flippa Team                     

AVOID THIS FAKE BUYER !   Might be one of accounts

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